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Planned Lane Closures

Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA)

This section provides lists of planned lane and shoulder closures. These closures are temporary closures for Maryland SHA or SHA hired contractors to set up various workzones. This information is provided for notification purposes of possible travel delays due to lane/shoulder closures and for aiding in trip planning. The following information is included: Maryland State route number, location information, lane/ shoulder information, start and stop times, reason for workzone.

To view a list of our currently active closures please see our Maryland Highway and Traffic Information page.

Planned Lane Closures

View a list of planned Maryland State lane closures.

A planned lane closure will list approved workzones with a date range and possible work days within that range.   The timeframe for the actual closure will be listed also.   These workdays are possible workdays and the workzone may not be in effect every day within the approved date range.

Lane Numbering Information:
The lanes for Maryland State Highways are referred to by number for identification purposes.  For your travel direction, start from the left shoulder or median and the first travel lane (left lane) is lane 1, lane 2 would be to the right of that and so on.